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National Pension System (NPS)

Important Notice

Subscribers can login into their NPS - PRAN account online using the login id (PRAN) and password provided by CRA-NSDL.
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The CRA-NSDL, Mumbai has furnished the following list of subscribers whose Nominee, Bank, Mobile No. and Email-ID are not available. DDOs are requested to make the subscribers aware of the need to have all the above details updated.

Subscriber Registration

The Nodal Offices are advised to use the new Common Subscriber Registration Form (CSRF) from April 01, 2015 for registration of subscribers in National Pension System.

Correction in Subscriber Master Details

Subscribers can submit Annexure S2 Form for change/correction in Subscriber's Personal Details / Bank Details / Nominee Details and/ or for reissue of I-PIN/ T-PIN and/ or for reprint of PRAN card.

Subscribers can reset their I-PIN using One Time Password (OTP) sent to their Mobile Number.

Inter Sector Shifting

NPS Subscribers joining Govt. of Puducherry can use their existing PRAN (allotted earlier by Central Govt. / other State Govt. / e-NPS) under Govt. of Puducherry. The PRAN allotted under NPS is unique and portable. This unique account number will remain the same for the rest of Subscriber’s life. For shifting PRAN from Central Govt. / other State Govt to Govt. of Puducherry, the Subscriber is required to submit Form ISS-1 [Inter Sector Shifting from].

Withdrawal under NPS

As per Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA) Exit Rules, following Withdrawal categories are allowed :

A) Upon Normal Superannuation : NPS subscribers may initiate the withdrawal request (Online) in the CRA system six months before the age of Superannuation or on reaching the age of 60 years. At least 40% of the accumulated pension wealth of the Subscriber has to be utilized for purchase of annuity providing for monthly pension of the Subscriber and the balance is paid as lump sum to the subscriber. In case the total corpus in the account is less than Rs. 2 Lakhs as on the Date of Retirement, the Subscriber can avail the option of complete Withdrawal.

B) Exit from NPS Before the age of Normal Superannuation : At least 80% of the accumulated pension wealth of the Subscriber should be utilized for purchase of an annuity providing the monthly pension of the Subscriber and the balance is paid as a lump sum to the Subscriber.

C) Upon Death : The entire accumulated pension wealth (100%) would be paid to the nominee/legal heir of the Subscriber and there would not be any purchase of annuity/monthly pension.

D) Partial Withdrawal : Subscriber can withdraw not exceeding 25% of contribution made by the Subscriber and excluding contribution made by the Employer after completion of 10 years under NPS subject to terms and conditions.

Annuity Service Providers

Annuity Service Providers (ASPs) are appointed by PFRDA to maintain the annuity contribution of subscribers through their various schemes. Subscribers will have the option to invest their amount into one annuity scheme upon retirement/resignation. ASPs would be responsible for delivering a regular monthly pension (annuity) to the subscriber for the rest of his/her life. To view the list of Annuity Service Providers, click here...

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